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1993: Key Performance Indicators

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On today’s episode, from the Dental Success Summit 2024, a panel of esteemed dentists, Dr. Addison Killeen, Dr. Aaron Nicholas, Dr. Kelly Dove, Dr. Deren Flesher, and Dr. Chris Green, delved deep into the critical role of key performance indicators (KPIs) in dental practice management. Hosted by Ashley, the discussion kicked off with Dr. Deren Flesher highlighting the often overlooked cost creep in dental supplies, emphasizing the importance of vigilant monitoring and resource utilization to maintain budget control.

Dr. Chris Green shared insights on the effectiveness of using daily, weekly, and monthly KPIs to enhance operational efficiency and strategic planning. He stressed the significance of maintaining a proactive approach to managing cancellations and no-shows, which are vital for sustaining practice productivity.

The conversation then transitioned to Dr. Kelly Dove, who operates multiple clinics with her husband. She underscored the necessity of leadership within practice management and the integration of KPI tracking with team development and leadership training to ensure consistent quality and service across all locations.

Throughout the session, the panelists shared personal anecdotes and professional tips on harnessing the power of KPIs to navigate various stages of practice growth—from handling start-ups to managing mature, multi-location practices. The overarching theme was clear: understanding and actively managing KPIs is essential for driving success and sustainability in dental practices.