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1990: Navigating Tax Credits & Liabilities

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On today’s episode, we have guest, Stephen Nance, partner and vice president at Drilldown Solution. Stephen has a wealth of experience in taxation, beginning his career as an auditor with the Utah State Tax Commission before transitioning to DrillDown Solution, where he now helps clients mitigate tax penalties and assessments. He discusses how changes in presidential administrations can influence tax obligations and shares strategies for managing tax liabilities to maximize savings.

Stephen and Mark delve into the nuances of tax credits, starting with Employee Retention Credits (ERCs). Stephen explains how these credits are legitimate and have provided significant refunds to some clients, but also how the IRS has halted processing due to overwhelming claims and potential abuse. He urges listeners to ensure their CPA carefully calculates qualifications to avoid future issues.

They also explore the Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, which Stephen affirms are valid but can raise red flags if aggressively claimed without proper justification. He highlights that this credit has a long-standing history and is available to dental professionals who conduct innovative research within their practices. The discussion emphasizes the importance of working with trusted tax professionals who understand the complexities of these calculations to avoid drawing undue attention from the IRS.

Tune in to this informative conversation for insights into navigating these credits and learning strategies to legally minimize your tax liability.