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1983: Practice Management Education

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On today’s episode, we have a crossover from “Hi, I’m Dr.” featuring Dr. Mark Costes, hosted by Akhil Chawla. Mark delves into his journey from clinical dentistry to a broader focus on entrepreneurship and education. Graduating from Marquette University in 2002 and starting his practice in Arizona, Mark quickly transitioned from an associate to owning his first of many dental practices. Over the years, he expanded his operations across Arizona and California, eventually owning 16 practices. Despite this success, Mark found his true passion in the business aspects of dentistry rather than clinical practice, leading him to found the Dental Success Institute in 2012, which focuses on coaching and consulting for dental practices.

Throughout the interview, Mark discusses the challenges and insights he gained from managing multiple practices, emphasizing the importance of systems over reliance on individual personnel. He also highlights his shift towards education and philanthropy, particularly through his involvement with the Colorado Surgical Institute and founding Smile Outreach International.

Akhil and Mark explore the intricacies of dental practice management, the impact of dental insurance on the industry, and the future of dental service organizations (DSOs). They discuss the importance of balancing business acumen with clinical skills and how dentists can better position themselves as entrepreneurs. The conversation also touches on the need for systemic changes in dental education and the insurance landscape to better support both practitioners and patients.

This episode provides valuable insights for dentists who are looking to expand their professional horizons beyond clinical work and into areas like business management, education, and entrepreneurship within the dental industry.