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1982: Innovation, Automation, & the Abundane Mindset

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On today’s episode, we have Pedro Becker, the founder and CEO of Axle and Zenith Dental IT. Pedro’s journey from transforming Billboard and radio advertising to revolutionizing the dental industry through automation and AI is discussed. He shares insights into how his technology has automated processes in over 50 dental practices, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Pedro details his latest innovations in dental technology, focusing on his flagship product, The X-Guide, which assists in efficient and effective implant placement. His efforts aim to make his office a one-stop shop for all dental needs, reflecting his belief that effort is a crucial component of success.

The conversation also touches on Pedro’s personal philosophy and how it aligns with the values of the Dental Success Network, particularly their shared commitment to the abundance mindset and helping others. Pedro’s background in technology and his transition into the dental sector are also explored, providing listeners with a comprehensive view of his professional trajectory and current projects.