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1960: Golden Achievements

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On today’s episode, we are thrilled to bring you a special presentation from last year’s Dental Success Summit, featuring the prestigious Golden Rhino Award. This award celebrates remarkable transformations within the dental community, exemplified by individuals who have achieved exponential growth and success in their practices.

  • The Golden Rhino Award: An introduction to the award and its significance in recognizing outstanding growth and leadership in the dental industry.
  • Spotlight on Success: Explore the incredible journey of Dr. Ben Kacos, Summer Kassmel, and Dr. Matt Slivka, showcasing their phenomenal growth rates of 536%, 262%, and 146%, respectively.
  • Dr. P’s Transformation: Dive deep into the case study of this year’s Golden Rhino recipient, Dr. P. From his initial struggles and humble beginnings to achieving a remarkable turnaround in his practice.
  • Challenges Overcome: Understand the hurdles Dr. P faced, including navigating business expansion during the pandemic and overcoming regulatory challenges.
  • Blueprint for Success: Insights into the strategies and frameworks that enabled Dr. P’s success, including leadership development, team culture enhancement, and operational efficiency.
  • Celebration and Insights: Listen to Dr. P share his personal reflections and future aspirations, providing valuable lessons for dental professionals everywhere.

Tune in to learn how these dental professionals turned challenges into opportunities, achieving extraordinary success. Whether you’re a dental practitioner looking to grow your practice or someone interested in the stories behind business achievements, this episode is not to be missed!