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1958: No Experience? No Problem Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we dive into the secrets of creating a high-functioning front office. We’re replaying a 2-part standout presentation from the Dental Success Network’s Lady Leaders event, recorded on September 30, 2021. Join Ashlee Hirschfeld, Summer Kassmel, Krista Butters, and Debbie Dodson as they share invaluable insights on optimizing your dental practice’s operations.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Importance of Clear Communication: Delving into how effective communication underpins the entire patient experience.
  • Scheduling Strategies: Unpacking innovative scheduling tactics tailored to financial goals and individual provider efficiency, including block scheduling.
  • Team Culture in Hiring: The pivotal role of meshing cultural fit with skill sets during the recruitment process.
  • Managing Patient Appointments and Cancellations: Strategies for minimizing cancellations and maintaining an optimal schedule.

Don’t miss out on these expert strategies to streamline your practice’s front office.