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1949: Sustainable Dental Missions

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On today’s episode, we dive into the heart of dentistry and explore the stories that shape our profession. We have a remarkable assembly of guests from the Dental Legacy Foundation. Dr. Dan Nelson, Ryan Passey, Dr. Jared Hill, and Jared Galovich join us to share their recent experiences and the incredible impact of their work in Tanzania. We discuss their inspiring journey with Smile Outreach International and the creation of sustainable dental care in Tanzanian communities.

Our guests detail the transformative mission trip that not only provided dental care but also resulted in essential infrastructure projects, such as the construction of a life-changing water tower. From touching ceremonies to the construction of computer labs and visions of new dental schools, this episode is an incredible testament to what can be accomplished with passion and partnership.

For those inspired by today’s conversation and eager to contribute to these life-altering missions, your opportunity to make a difference is just a step away. Get involved with the Dental Legacy Foundation and Smile Outreach International to continue this wave of positive change. Your skills and donations can help bring consistent, quality dental care and so much more to communities in need.