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1934: Systems & Methodologies

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On today’s episode, featuring “The Automatic Patient Podcast,” hosts Jordon Comstock and Justin Comstock are joined by dental industry veteran Dr. Mark Costes. They delve into the critical transition from working in the business to working on the business, discussing the common pitfalls that dentists face, such as getting trapped in the routine of clinical work and struggling with cash flow management. Dr. Costes shares his extensive experience in scaling dental practices and the importance of understanding business fundamentals, emphasizing the need for dentists to become proficient in financial literacy to escape the chair. They touch on systems and methodologies crucial for a practice’s success, like the percentage-based budgeting system that aligns with growth and how to handle the complexities of a growing dental practice. The conversation is insightful, offering practical advice and strategies for dental practitioners looking to expand their business acumen and step into a more entrepreneurial role within their practices.