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1929: Everything DSN

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On today’s episode, we’re joined by Ashlee Hirschfeld, the COO of the Dental Success Network (DSN), for a deep dive into the latest in dental practice management, upcoming educational webinars, and the most engaging topics within the DSN community. They kick off the discussion with an overview of the exciting webinars scheduled for February, covering topics from presenting large treatment cases to understanding the crucial numbers for your practice. Mark and Ashlee highlight the importance of these webinars for practitioners looking to enhance their skills and adapt to the current social and financial climate.

The conversation then shifts to the benefits of DSN membership, emphasizing the substantial savings on dental supplies and services negotiated for members. Mark proudly shares that DSN’s negotiated discounts often surpass those available through larger DSOs, underscoring the value of DSN membership.

Answering community questions, Mark offers his expert advice on insurance verification, the criteria for hiring an associate based on patient numbers, and the metrics for evaluating hygienist performance. Each answer is tailored to encourage dental practitioners to analyze their practices’ unique situations and make informed decisions.

The episode wraps up with a reflection on the impact of dental mission work and the fulfillment derived from giving back to underserved communities. Mark and Ashlee’s discussion underscores the importance of community, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence in dental practice management.

Listeners are encouraged to participate in the upcoming webinars and events to further their knowledge and connect with like-minded professionals. For more information on the Dental Success Network and to join the community, visit their website and explore the resources available to help dental practices thrive.