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1922: Three E’s of Phone Etiquette

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On today’s episode, we are joined by Sydney Robinson, the Executive Director inside the Dental Success Network (DSN), and they delve into the crucial topic of mastering phone skills within the dental practice. With over 1,400 members under her wing, Sydney shares invaluable insights on creating positive first impressions and enhancing patient communication through effective phone handling. The duo emphasizes the significance of the initial phone call as a pivotal touchpoint in the patient’s journey, highlighting that poor handling can result in losing potential patients without ever realizing it.

The conversation covers the “three E’s” of phone communication—Empathy, Energy, and Edification—outlining strategies to ensure every caller feels valued, understood, and excited about their visit. They discuss the importance of active listening, prioritizing calls, and utilizing technology like call tracking KPIs to improve patient service and practice efficiency. Sydney introduces practical tools and strategies for efficient call management, including outsourcing calls to manage high volumes and after-hours inquiries without compromising the quality of patient care.

Listeners are encouraged to implement these strategies to transform their practice’s approach to phone communications, enhancing both patient satisfaction and practice growth. By focusing on building rapport, actively listening, and communicating effectively, dental practices can significantly improve their patient interactions and overall satisfaction.

For more insights and tips on improving your dental practice, check out the Dental Success Network (DSN). Explore the tools, strategies, and best practices discussed in this episode to elevate your patient communication and ensure your practice stands out in the dental industry.