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1920: The Ownership Skill Set

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On today’s episode, we’re thrilled to have Dr. Paul Goodman, a renowned figure in the dental community, join us. Known affectionately as Dr. Paul Nacho Goodman, he brings a wealth of experience from owning practices in the Philadelphia area to leading the Donald Nachos group, a vibrant community of over 45,000 dental professionals focused on positivity and collaboration in dentistry.

We dive deep into the essence of dental education and practice, highlighting the innovative approaches at Midwestern dental school that emphasize production awareness alongside clinical skills. Paul shares insights on the importance of business acumen, the realities of dental practice ownership, and the critical need for new dentists to understand the business side of dentistry from the get-go.

Dr. Goodman also brings up Dentist Job Connect, a unique platform designed to bridge the gap between dental practices seeking associates and dentists looking for opportunities, emphasizing the necessity of a supportive and educational community in navigating the dental profession’s challenges.

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