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1919: The Real Lifestyle Practice

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On today’s episode, we have Dr. Chris Green, a frequent guest, successful practice owner, and co-founder of the Practice Launchpad. This organization is dedicated to coaching new practice owners on achieving profitability and accelerating their production. Dr. Green also co-founded the Legacy Point Group, which explores alternative investment strategies outside the conventional avenues.

Dr. Green shares his journey from being a hands-on practitioner to a strategic business owner, emphasizing the importance of leadership, the challenges of scaling a dental practice, and the transition from clinical work to a CEO mindset. The dialogue covers a range of topics including the necessity of CEO time, the process of adding associates to a practice, and the importance of a solid organizational structure to facilitate growth.

Listeners will gain insights into the intricacies of dental practice management, from the optimization of patient flow and overhead control to the development of a leadership philosophy that fosters a supportive and productive team environment. Dr. Green’s personal evolution in the dental industry serves as a testament to the potential for dentists to expand beyond the confines of clinical work and embrace the role of a business leader.

For those interested in learning more about the Practice Launchpad or engaging with Dr. Chris Green, reach out to The Practice Launchpad.