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1917: Bread, Butter & Profits

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On today’s episode, we welcome back Dr. Aaron Nicholas, a recurring guest and a pioneer in dental mission trips. Dr. Nicholas shares insights from his extensive experience in dental missions, highlighting the transformative impact these trips have had on dental care in developing countries. From his early trips in 1986, predominantly focused on extractions, to the evolution of dental missions embracing a broader range of services including restorative work and dentures, Nicholas illustrates the growth in dental awareness and care over the years.

Mark and Dr. Nicholas delve into the nuances of organizing and executing successful dental missions, including the logistics of setting up pop-up clinics in remote villages and the importance of efficient infrastructure to serve larger populations. They discuss the critical role of education, both for local dental students in Tanzania who are eager to learn advanced dental techniques, and for volunteer dentists seeking to expand their clinical skills in challenging environments.

The conversation also covers Dr. Nicholas’ development of a new oral surgery course designed to equip dentists with the skills necessary for emergency dental work, emphasizing the significance of continuous learning and improvement in dental practice. Dr. Nicholas reflects on his transition from practice owner to educator and content creator, aiming to make a broader impact in the dental community by sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Mark and Dr. Nicholas touch upon the darker aspects of the dental profession, including the tragic news of dentists who have succumbed to despair. They stress the importance of seeking help, making plans to overcome challenges, and finding purpose in giving back to the community through missions and education.

Check out Dr. Aaron Nicholas’ upcoming events and courses, promising opportunities for personal and professional growth in the field of dentistry.