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1902: The Operations Manual Customization Guide

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes (Dental Success Summit 2022) explores various aspects crucial to the development and customization of an Operations Manual for dental practices. The discussion begins with an emphasis on the significance of an Operations Manual in the realm of dental practice management. Following this, Mark shares effective tactics for creating and tailoring these manuals, ensuring they meet the specific needs of each unique practice. A key focus is placed on involving team members in the authorship process, which not only fosters a sense of ownership but also significantly increases their buy-in.

Markthen delves into the different components that make up an Operations Manual, highlighting the importance of organizing these elements in a logical manner for ease of use. He talks about the development of protocol sheets, accountability agreements, and performance review assessment sheets, and how these critical documents should be integrated into the operations manual. Another vital topic covered is the establishment of an overall meeting cadence and an organizational structure that can greatly enhance the orderliness and flow within a dental practice.

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