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1891: Advanced, Real World Tax Planning Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we are joined by two exceptional guests, Brent Saunier and Chris Sands from Profi2020. They bring a wealth of knowledge in finance and accounting, particularly in the healthcare sector, providing us with invaluable insights into business operations, tax strategies, and financial management.

Brent Saunier, with over two decades of experience in accounting and finance, shares his expertise in enhancing business profitability and valuation, offering comprehensive tax and operational advice, especially in the healthcare sector. Chris Sands, a partner at Strategic Growth and Profi2020, uses his experience in dental practice to provide strategic growth advice to healthcare professionals, focusing on fiscal responsibility and proactive tax planning.

We dive into the complexities and key learnings from my recent two-year IRS audit, highlighting the importance of having a strong, competent team and exceptional record keeping. The discussion also explores how IRS audits are determined, focusing on statistical analysis and the need for comprehensive documentation. The significance of maintaining clean and organized business records to ensure favorable outcomes during audits is a critical point of discussion.

Our conversation then shifts to various tax strategies and the importance of being wary of fraudulent promoters, especially concerning Employee Retention Credits (ERC) and other tax benefits. We delve into the IRS’s “Dirty Dozen” list, highlighting common audit triggers in the dental industry and the importance of cautious navigation in tax planning. Additionally, we examine the rising popularity of cryptocurrency in business transactions and its potential audit risks.

Don’t miss out on the continuation of this engaging discussion. Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of our episode with Brent Saunier and Chris Sands, where we delve deeper into the strategies for financial success in the healthcare sector.