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1889: Effective Guerilla Marketing

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On today’s episode, we welcome Dr. Ben Kacos from Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Kacos, a successful dental practitioner and a primary DSI Black Belt coach, discusses various topics, with a particular focus on marketing strategies in the context of a potential financial crunch and declining consumer confidence.

Ben shares his perspective on balancing work and leisure, expressing a preference for short vacations due to his love for work and the structured environment of his office. He emphasizes the importance of being actively involved in his practice and the sense of satisfaction he derives from it.

Ben also covers internal marketing strategies, where Dr. Kacos talks about his approach to fostering trust and positive impressions among patients within his dental practice. He mentions using TVs with USBs to display slideshows of various images in the treatment rooms and waiting area, showcasing the practice’s services, team activities, and patient interactions.

Furthermore, Dr. Kacos discusses external marketing strategies, including community involvement and non-traditional marketing efforts like sponsoring local sports teams and utilizing promotional materials to attract new patients. He explains the effectiveness of offering tangible rewards like Yeti coolers or battery banks to encourage referrals and reviews, and shares insights on sourcing affordable marketing materials from platforms like Alibaba.

Finally, Dr. Kacos outlines his plans for 2024, focusing on a robust follow-up system using various communication methods and leveraging talent from the Philippines for customer service tasks. He stresses the value of integrating this system into his practice to enhance efficiency and patient engagement.