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1885: Overcoming Dentistry’s Biggest Challenges

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes addresses the main causes of career dissatisfaction in dentistry: chronic stress, isolation, hedonic adaptation, and negativity bias. He explains how the demanding nature of dentistry contributes to ongoing stress and isolates professionals. Discussing hedonic adaptation, he notes the tendency to overlook achievements in pursuit of new goals. Negativity bias, which gives more weight to negative experiences, also impacts dentists’ mental well-being. Dr. Costes suggests six steps to combat these issues, including developing awareness, establishing a self-reflection routine, defining personal non-negotiables, and creating a personal ethos centered on integrity, discipline, and empathy. He emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community to find fulfillment and combat burnout, sharing his own experiences for illustration. The episode concludes with a call to action for dentists to develop and adhere to their personal core values.

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