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1883: Optimizing Dental Practices & Leadership Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, we dive into the second part of our engaging conversation with Dr. Addison Killeen. As a co-founder of the Dental Success Network (DSN), Dr. Killeen brings his extensive experience and insights into the world of dental practice management, systemization, and personal achievement. This episode is a continuation of our journey into optimizing dental practices, setting achievable goals, and exploring the dynamic world of dentistry.

The discussion kicks off with an exploration of the growth and impact of DSN, highlighting its unique position in the dental community and its potential for further expansion. With over 1,430 active members, DSN has become a vibrant coaching community offering invaluable resources for dental professionals at all stages of their careers.

Dr. Killeen and Dr. Costes delve into the challenges and opportunities facing dentists today, including financial management, reducing overhead, and improving profitability. They emphasize the importance of setting realistic goals and the power of incremental improvements in practice management.

The conversation shifts to personal and professional development, with Dr. Killeen sharing his approach to setting annual goals, both for his dental practice and personal life. He discusses his passion for endurance sports and the concept of ‘misogi,’ a physical challenge that pushes personal limits. This segment provides a fascinating insight into balancing professional success with personal growth and fulfillment.

For those who missed the first part of this enriching discussion, we encourage you to go back and listen to Part 1 of our podcast episode with Dr. Addison Killeen. It sets the stage for the insights and strategies shared in this second part, offering a comprehensive view of achieving success in both your professional and personal life. Don’t miss out on the full experience of learning from one of the leading minds in dental practice management.