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1882: Optimizing Dental Practices & Leadership Pt. 1

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On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we’re excited to have Dr. Addison Killeen, a co-founder of the Dental Success Network, a successful practice owner, and a black belt DSI coach. This episode promises to delve into a range of intriguing topics, from annual planning and setting wildly important goals to mastering time management and achieving remarkable growth in dental practice.

Dr. Addison Killeen shares his experience of attending the annual DSN meeting in Prescott, Arizona, highlighting the importance of setting clear, attainable goals for the year ahead. He emphasizes the necessity for dental professionals to understand the primary objectives of their practice and to ensure their team is aligned with these goals. Dr. Killeen and Dr. Costas discuss the importance of avoiding the trap of taking on too many responsibilities and instead, focusing on delegating tasks effectively to empower team members.

Dr. Killeen, with his diverse roles, provides insights into how he manages his time efficiently, balancing his work as a full-time dentist, an author, and an executive member of DSN. He stresses the importance of having disciplined routines, focusing on productive hours, and the significance of habit stacking for efficiency. Additionally, Dr. Killeen shares his journey from owning multiple practices to starting a new one, demonstrating how systematic approaches and team empowerment have led to the practice’s significant growth.

To all our listeners, be sure to tune in for tomorrow’s Part 2 of this insightful episode with Dr. Addison Killeen. We’ll continue to explore the strategies and habits that have led to his success in dentistry and beyond. Don’t miss out on the valuable lessons and tips that can help you in your dental practice and professional journey. Stay tuned!