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1871: Analytics, Maximizing Growth & Profitability Pt. 2

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On today’s episode of Mark’s podcast, we are delving into the world of dental practice financials. Hosts Dr. Summer Kassmel and Ashlee Hirschfeld, joined by Jake Conway and Dr. Monica Urda, continue their informative discussion. If you’re just tuning in, consider listening to Part 1 first for a foundational understanding of the topics covered.

This episode delves into the intricacies of ideal hygiene care KPIs and exam numbers, discussing the paradoxical effect of too many periodic exams on production and case acceptance. The phenomenon of exam fatigue and its impact on case acceptance is also explored. The conversation then shifts to strategies for maximizing production and profitability, including reducing personal clinical time. The return on investment associated with proper onboarding of associates and overall systemization is analyzed. The episode concludes with practical advice on quickly reducing overhead percentages, a crucial aspect of financial management.

We hope these episodes have provided you with actionable insights. If you’ve skipped Part 1, it’s a valuable resource for understanding the financial aspects of dental practice management and sets the stage for the topics discussed in this episode. Be sure to check it out!