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1868: Techniques to Avoid & Correct Incision Line Opening

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes is joined by Dr. Dan Briskie and Dr. Taher Dhoon from the Colorado Surgical Institute (CSI) for another exciting Surgical Saturday. The trio dives into a comprehensive discussion, Techniques to Avoid & Correct Incision Line Opening.

The focus is on a common surgical complication – incision line opening. The discussion covers techniques to prevent incision line opening, especially in lower arch surgeries, and the importance of meticulous suture practices. Dr. Briskie shares insights on his new protocol for managing these complications, including pre-surgical strategies and the innovative use of Botox to prevent muscle movements that can cause incision lines to open. Additionally, the podcast addresses the mental and physical challenges surgeons face towards the end of long procedures and strategies to maintain focus and energy. The episode is rich with practical advice on surgical techniques, suture selection, and the importance of a meticulous approach to ensure successful outcomes in dental surgeries.

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