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1864: Dental Innovation

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On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, host Dr. Mark Costas welcomes Dr. Michael Lowe, a seasoned dental professional with over 14 years of experience. Dr. Lowe shares his unique journey from the greens of the golf course to the leader of a thriving dental practice. The conversation uncovers the realities of entrepreneurial growth within the dental industry, the importance of building a strong team, and the challenges of staffing in today’s market. Additionally, Dr. Lowe discusses his innovative venture, Tef Ball, providing a rare glimpse into the invention process within the dental field. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the blending of clinical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit in modern dentistry.

From the onset, Dr. Michael Lowe details his unexpected transition into dentistry, highlighting the determination required to switch careers and excel in a new field. As Dr. Lowe recounts his expansion from solo practice to a multi-location enterprise, he underscores the steep learning curve he navigated and the critical role his support staff played in his success. Staffing challenges have not deterred him; instead, Dr. Lowe emphasizes the significance of fostering a strong team culture for retention in a competitive landscape. The episode also dives into Dr. Lowe’s inventive side with the development of Tef Ball, a product aimed at improving dental implant procedures, illustrating the lengthy and intricate journey from conception to market-ready product.

To learn more about Dr. Michael Lowe’s innovative work and to get a closer look at Tef Ball, visit Join us for a discussion that’s as much about the entrepreneurial journey as it is about the dedication to dental excellence.