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1859: Breaking Capacity Ceilings

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On today’s episode, join Dr. Mark Costes and Sydney Robinson, the Executive Director of Operations at DSN, as they tackle real-world challenges faced by dental practices. With a mix of humor and wisdom, they offer their unique perspectives on managing growth, balancing professional relationships, and cultivating a positive practice culture.

Their topics delve into the strategic planning required when a dental practice reaches its capacity limits. Dr. Costes and Sydney discuss the situation of a dentist who is exploring ways to manage a growing patient list and the constraints of a four-operatory practice. They talk about the decision to expand physical space, the complexities of PPO plan management, and the potential of adjusting office hours to accommodate patient demand.

The focus shifts to the delicate balance of maintaining professional boundaries when personal relationships intertwine with the business. They share insights on managing situations where a team member, who is also a friend, may not fully respect the professional demands of the practice. Dr. Costes provides thoughtful strategies on addressing such sensitive issues without compromising the integrity of the workplace or personal relationships.

Together, they highlight the importance of leadership in nurturing a healthy practice culture, especially when dealing with perceptions of favoritism. Dr. Costes and Sydney emphasize the role of clear communication, setting expectations, and the need for consistent leadership to maintain team harmony and ensure that the practice operates as a cohesive unit.

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