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1851: Strategic Financial & Business Planning Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, we have the second of a 2-part series from the TPL (The Practice Launchpad) event in San Diego, CA. Marks’ presentation, “Vision, Business Planning & Financials” is broken down and shared in this episode.

Mark engaged in a robust debate about the importance of various assessments, such as leadership evaluations, team culture surveys, and monthly performance reviews, to gain a better understanding of the nuances within our practice and identify areas for improvement. We also broke down the critical components of effective meeting management using the PITA framework, which stands for presence, intention, time, and agenda, to ensure our discussions are focused and productive. Furthermore, we explored the concepts of lag and lead measures, understanding their distinct roles in monitoring and steering the development and success of our dental practice.

If you missed part one, go back and listen to yesterday’s episode of Mark’s presentation, then check out the TPL website to see if is right for you!