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1846: Super GP Strategies

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On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast, we dive into the presentation ‘From GP to Super GP’ by Dr. Taher Dhoon and Dr. Dan Briskie, held at the recent DSI Mastermind in St. Louis.

In their presentation “From GP to Super GP” at the DSI Mastermind in St. Louis, Dr. Taher Dhoon and Dr. Dan Briskie highlighted the journey of General Practitioners (GPs) evolving into Super GPs. They emphasized continuous learning, skill development, and confidence-building, focusing on complex procedures like surgical extractions, orthodontics, and implants. They discussed the benefits of in-house procedures for patient care and profitability, including detailed techniques for tissue manipulation and implant placement. They stressed the importance of patient-centric treatment planning, mentorship, and adapting to new knowledge and feedback. The discussion also covered advanced procedures like sinus augmentation, material choices for dental prosthetics, and handling anatomical challenges.

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