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1845: Crafting A Patient Experience

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On today’s episode, we have Dr. Ben Kacos, a standout member of the Dental Success Institute (DSI) and a Black Belt coach hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Kacos shares his journey of significant growth in the dental industry and delves into his upcoming live training session in Scottsdale, Arizona. This session will cover critical areas such as treatment planning, case acceptance, and marketing—areas where Dr. Kacos has demonstrated exceptional proficiency as he expanded his practice from modest beginnings to a substantial enterprise.

In this episode, Dr. Ben Kacos shares his insights on the transformative impact of sedation dentistry on both patient experience and practice growth. He discusses the dedication required to obtain an IV sedation license and its value as a differentiator for dental practices. Dr. Kacos stresses the importance of a proactive and affirming patient interaction, starting right from the initial phone call to ensure a ‘yes’ culture within the practice. He details how a choreographed approach to patient care, from ambiance to staff training, primes patients for a positive reception to treatment recommendations. Moreover, Dr. Kacos highlights the effectiveness of empowering staff to handle diagnostics and treatment discussions, which streamlines the case presentation process and boosts patient case acceptance. His upcoming live training promises to delve into these practices in more detail, offering attendees a comprehensive strategy to refine their approach to case presentation and marketing, with the goal of driving substantial practice growth.

Listeners can dive deeper into Dr. Kacos’s strategies by attending his live training. For more information, reach out at [email protected] and don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your practice.