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1841: The Dental Boardroom

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On today’s episode, we have the pleasure of repurposing Dr. Mark Costes’s insightful conversation from Wes Read’s The Dental Boardroom podcast, bringing the key highlights directly to our listeners. Join us as Dr. Costes delves into the lessons and experiences that shaped his professional path.

Dr. Costes recounts his unique journey from being an athlete to establishing himself in the field of dentistry, underscoring the parallels between the resilience and teamwork seen in sports and their importance in dental practice. He shares entrepreneurial lessons from his early venture into the catering truck business and how this experience was instrumental in his successful transition from an associate dentist to owning his practices. Despite facing learning challenges and multiple rejections from dental schools, Dr. Costes’s story is one of unwavering persistence, culminating in his entrepreneurial achievements. The episode also sheds light on the necessity of business education for dentists, discussing the “Associates on Fire” program which aims to prepare dentists for practice ownership through a comprehensive business education. Dr. Costes emphasizes the substantial returns on investing in business management and financial education over conventional financial investments, advocating for continued professional growth and learning.

To gain further insights into the business side of dentistry and to explore the valuable resources mentioned in our discussion, don’t forget to check out Wes Read at Discover the tools and knowledge that can empower your dental practice to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.