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1840: Zirconia Implants

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes is joined by Dr. Dan Briskie and Dr. Taher Dhoon from the Colorado Surgical Institute (CSI) for another enlightening Surgical Saturday. The trio, along with special guests Jamie Levine and Brittany Sherwin from NeoDent, dive into a comprehensive discussion comparing different implant types and protocols, with a spotlight on zirconia implants.

The episode kicks off with Dr. Briskie sharing his journey from skepticism to acceptance concerning zirconia implants, attributing the shift to increased patient demand driven by aesthetic preferences and theoretical allergy concerns related to titanium. Brittany Sherwin chimes in on the historical evolution and adoption of zirconia implants, emphasizing NeoDent’s innovative two-piece ceramic design tailored for aesthetic and immediate loading protocols.

A substantial portion of the discussion is dedicated to contrasting the placement protocols of zirconia and titanium implants, led by Dr. Briskie. He elaborates on the need for a delicate approach when handling zirconia implants to prevent cracking, a common issue attributed to the difference in torque requirements between zirconia and titanium. The discussion navigates through the detailed steps of preparing the osteotomy, the use of bone taps, and the importance of adhering to specified RPM and torque values to ensure the successful placement of zirconia implants. Dr. Dhoon supplements the conversation by sharing his own experiences and the need to unlearn some muscle memory associated with titanium implant placement to accommodate the delicate nature of zirconia.

The episode is rich with practical insights, offering listeners a deep dive into the nuanced world of implantology, especially the emerging trend and protocols surrounding zirconia implants. Dr. Briskie and Dr. Dhoon’s shared experiences and the information provided by the NeoDent representatives make this episode a valuable resource for dental practitioners keen on staying updated with the evolving landscape of dental implant materials and techniques.

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