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1834: Lateral Sinus Lifts

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On today’s episode, we continue with our enlightening Surgical Saturdays series in collaboration with the Colorado Surgical Institute (CSI). Dr. Mark Costes is joined by the astute Dr. Taher Dhoon and Dr. Dan Briskie to delve into the nuances of Lateral Sinus Lifts, following up on our previous discussion on Vertical Sinus Lifts. Our trio of dental aficionados unpack the procedural intricacies, troubleshooting, and post-operative care associated with lateral sinus lifts, aiming to bolster your surgical acumen.

Topics Discussed:

  • The conversation kicks off with a discussion on performing lateral sinus lifts, as our experts share indispensable tips to execute this procedure with efficacy and efficiency.
  • A focal point of the discussion is on managing unforeseen challenges – specifically, what steps to undertake if a tear occurs while performing the sinus lift. The guidance provided aims to equip practitioners with the knowledge to navigate such challenges adeptly.
  • Transitioning to post-operative care, the conversation shifts to preferred post-op instructions following a sinus lift. The emphasis is on ensuring a smooth recovery while minimizing complications, underlining the importance of adept post-operative guidance.

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