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1827: Multiple Practices, Culture & Alignment Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, we delve into a two-part presentation from a recent Polaris/DSI crossover event held in Phoenix, AZ, titled “Scaling from Clinician to CEO”. This enlightening presentation, titled “Culture & Alignment,” was part of a larger dialogue aimed at bridging the gap between clinical practice and executive leadership within the dental profession.

As we transition into the second segment, the conversation pivots towards the frameworks that underpin the Dental Success Company. What does it take to stand out as an exceptional leader or manager in today’s competitive landscape? How should one navigate the waters of feedback, praise, and criticism? We also dissect the mechanics of executing special projects, right from inception to successful completion, offering insights on project management strategies that ensure objectives are met, and expectations are surpassed.

If you haven’t already, be sure to go back and listen to Part 1 of this presentation to fully grasp the context of today’s discussion. Continue your journey of growth and learning by joining the Dental Success Network, where you can interact with like-minded professionals committed to evolving the dental industry: