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1823: Core Elements of Practice Growth

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On today’s episode, Penny Reed, an accomplished dental coach, author, and speaker with a knack for helping dental practices achieve their highest potential, sits down with Dr. Mark Costes. Many of you might know Penny from her stellar work at eAssist Dental Billing and her engaging Dental.MBA Podcast. Today, she brings her in-depth interviewing skills to our platform, diving deep into Mark’s journey in dentistry and his vision for dental success.

In this insightful conversation, Dr. Mark Costes delves into the driving forces behind his passion for dentistry, recounting personal experiences and motivations that led him to the field. He then shares the genesis and evolution of the Dental Success companies, detailing their mission to transform the dental industry. A significant portion of the discussion centers on leadership and the paramount importance of systemization in ensuring consistent outcomes and scalability in dental businesses. Mark concludes by distinguishing between the concepts of delegation and advocation, emphasizing the necessity of grasping both for effective practice management and growth.

For those looking to revolutionize their dental practices with efficient billing solutions and strategies, be sure to check out Penny Reed with eAssist Dental Billing at And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to tune into her insightful Dental.MBA Podcast for more industry gems.