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1822: Unpacking IV Sedation

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes dives into an informative discussion on the transitions in dentistry, the significance of IV sedation, and the intricate details of practice and teaching. Joining him are the insightful Dr. Dan Briskie, the innovative Dr. Taher Dhoon, and the expert in dental anesthesia, Ryan Rohla.

In this engaging episode, delve deep into the world of Ryan Rohla, the brain behind Prestige Anesthesia and a respected IV sedation instructor with the CSI team. While we get a fun peek into his charismatic persona and stories from his personal training days, the conversation gets profound as he details his transition from practicing to teaching sedation. Dr. Dan Briskie jumps in to highlight the game-changing nature of IV sedation in dentistry, outlining its integration into the CSI curriculum and its transformative effects on dental practices. Ryan further delineates the variety of sedation cases he manages, from simple anxiety relief to complex surgical tasks like the all-on-Xs. With Dr. Briskie, we unpack the intricacies of IV sedation licensing, curriculum nuances, and the labyrinth of state regulations. Ryan wraps up with insights into his distinct billing methods, while Dr. Briskie provides a sneak peek into an innovative class merging implant procedures with wisdom teeth removal and IV sedation.

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