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1821: Expansion: Why or Why Not?

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On today’s episode, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Chris Green, a stalwart in the realm of dentistry. Having earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Temple University School of Dentistry with Magna Cum Laude distinction, his commitment to exceptional patient care is palpable. Hailing from a lineage of esteemed dentists in the Chicagoland area, Dr. Green’s foundational ethics resonate through his practice. After years of successful private practice in Chicago, he and his wife, Jenna, transitioned to Colorado, embracing an active lifestyle. Remaining at the forefront of dentistry, Dr. Green consistently prioritizes quality and innovation, going above and beyond in annual continuing education to ensure his practice embodies the latest trends in dental care.

In his enlightening presentation from the recent St. Louis Mastermind, Dr. Green delves into the pivotal reasons many dentists contemplate expanding or relocating their dental practice. With such a significant decision comes a multitude of considerations. Dr. Green highlights the importance of reflecting on aspects like team member roles, the intricacies of their effective training, and the potential time costs involved. He raises crucial questions on how such expansions could influence profitability, offering insights gained from his own journey in the dental world.

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