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1820: Baselining Purpose

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On today’s episode, we dive deep into a transformative presentation by Dr. Mark Costes. He recently shared his insights last month at our masterminds event in St. Louis, and today, he’s bringing those same insights to all of our listeners.

Topics Covered:

Implementing Small Wins: How tiny, incremental achievements can pave the way for monumental successes in our daily lives.

The Four Futures: A deep dive into the core pillars that can shape our lives:

Mind: Enhancing mental clarity, focus, and wellbeing.

Meaning: Finding true purpose and understanding the essence of our existence.

Muscle: Exploring the undeniable link between physical fitness, longevity, and optimal health.

Money: Strategizing for financial success, understanding net worth, and identifying the legacy and freedom numbers that can transform our futures.

Passive vs. Active Income: Breaking down the differences, benefits, and strategies to maximize both types of income.

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