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1819: Early Career Advantage Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, we continue our enlightening conversation with Dr. Addison Killeen, plunging deeper into the intricacies of dental practice. We explore the tactical shifts in fee schedules, probing into the critical factors that influence such decisions. But that’s not all. Another thought-provoking query directs our discussion towards the essential pillars for refining patient experiences, especially as a freshly minted dentist. Join us as we dissect the three E’s – Energy, Empathy, and Edification – and their pivotal role in orchestrating positive and lasting patient interactions.

About Dr. Addison Killeen: Dr. Addison Killeen is a dentist and entrepreneur in Lincoln, Nebraska.  After receiving a Bachelors in Psychology from Saint Louis University in 3 years, he worked as a Special Projects Manager for Telesis, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Telesis Inc. is a business conglomerate that has entities that include a Department of Defense Contractor, Nebraska’s largest Brewery, a Carbon-reduction technology investor and the restaurant group including Lazlo’s and FireWorks.  During his time there, he helped form corporations and do the financial management to ensure that each business cost category had maximum efficiency.  He then attended the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry to earn his Doctorate in Dental Surgery.

After dental school, he was a founder of Williamsburg Dental, a DSO in the Lincoln, Nebraska area with 6 offices.  He sold and exited that business in 2018 to focus on his new venture, the Dental Success Network (DSN), a close-knit community of high achieving dentists and industry experts that includes a collection of resources to help dentists become excellent clinicians, run more profitable businesses, and to improve their work-life balance.  The team at DSN then created Front Office Academy, a collection of guided resources to help create amazing dental team members from rookie to rockstar with videos, homework, and virtual coaching. He also serves as a BlackBelt-level coach with the brightest minds in dentistry at the Dental Success Institute (DSI) .  Dental Success Institute was founded by Dr. Mark Costes. He exclusively helps other dentists inside the Elite Practice Mastermind at DSI.

He currently practices at Capital Dental, a flagship-style office in Lincoln Nebraska with 3 Doctors that provides comprehensive dentistry in a relaxing environment.  The goal of the team is to create a ‘Fantastic Guest Experience’, and it is validated with over 1140 5-Star Google Reviews.  The office was also nominated for the 2020 ADA Design Innovation Awards for Office Design.

Topics Discussed:

  • The dynamics of adjusting fee schedules in dental practice.
  • Crafting the quintessential patient experience for new graduates.
  • Deciphering the three E’s: Energy, Empathy, and Edification.

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