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1815: Utilizing Virtual Talent

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On today’s episode, we’re excited to delve into the transformative world of virtual assistants in dentistry with Dr. Justin Scott, the visionary CEO of Virtual Dental Offices.

Dr. Justin Scott is a trailblazer in the realm of dentistry, leading the pioneering virtual assistant company, Virtual Dental Offices. With his foundational background from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry and drawing inspiration from his father, a prominent dental implant specialist, Dr. Scott’s career exemplifies a blend of tradition and innovation. His dedication has led to the establishment of a robust team of virtual assistants that enhance dental practice operations. Beyond this, his ingenuity extends to setting up a streamlined hiring system for VAs in the Philippines and founding Pure Dental Health, a beacon of exceptional patient care.

In our conversation, we unpack the myriad advantages of harnessing overseas talent, particularly in the context of dental practices. Dr. Scott offers an in-depth view into the unique onboarding and training processes at Virtual Dental Offices, ensuring every virtual assistant is primed for excellence. We explore the operational dynamics of VDO, understanding their meticulous screening processes and the seamless client-VA pairing methodology. Rounding off our talk, we delve into the distinctive business model that sets VDO apart in the dental industry, a testament to Dr. Scott’s forward-thinking approach.

If the idea of incorporating virtual assistants into your dental practice intrigues you, dive deeper and explore the pioneering solutions by Dr. Justin Scott. Visit and be a part of the change!