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1814: Resiliency in Dental Marketing

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes sits down with Ryan Gross, the Marketing Expert and CEO of CMOShare. With over 15 years of marketing, brand management, and communications experience under his belt, Ryan has honed his skills with reputed names like The Walt Disney Company, numerous dental practices, and the attraction industry. His marketing acumen has consistently driven revenue growth through strategic marketing and communication. Managing multi-million-dollar budgets, Ryan has also aided dental practices in ramping up new patient acquisition and retaining existing ones. Adding to his extensive profile, Ryan is a faculty member of Dental Success Network (DSN) and Dental Success Institute (DSI). In this insightful discussion, they delve into some critical areas that every dental practice owner should heed.

The conversation kick-starts with an exploration into how the current economic atmosphere, possibly teetering on the brink of a recession, is mirroring in the analytics tracked at CMOShare for campaign effectiveness. Ryan shares his observations and delineates how the consumer confidence dip is impacting the response rates and overall efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Shifting gears, Dr. Costes and Ryan dissect the observed surge in emergency visits. They ponder on whether financial prudence amidst looming job security concerns is driving individuals to delay regular care, thus spiking emergency cases. Ryan offers his viewpoints and discusses other potential factors that might be influencing this trend.

The duo then delves into the marketing realm specific to dentistry. With a myriad of new marketers eyeing the profitable dental industry, the challenge to distinguish between credible, experienced agencies and novice upstarts making hollow promises is real. They discuss strategies on how to vet marketing agencies to ensure the employed marketing strategies are not just effective but align with the long-term vision of the dental practice.

For a deep dive into successful marketing strategies tailored for dental practices, make sure to check out Ryan Gross at His wealth of experience and a knack for innovative marketing solutions can be the catalyst for transforming your practice’s marketing approach, ensuring a steady stream of new patient acquisition and fostering a loyal patient base.