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1813: Conflict Prevention & Resolution

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes sits down with the accomplished Carol Bowser, J.D, a seasoned workplace conflict expert with a rich history in Employment Law. Transitioning from a legal career, Carol founded Conflict Management Strategies, driven by the belief that proactive conflict resolution yields higher satisfaction than traditional legal routes. Over her 20 years in the field, Carol has assisted a wide array of employers across various industries in navigating the intricate realm of workplace conflict, sharing invaluable insights on how individuals at all levels can enhance their conflict resolution skills. With her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Carol brings a wealth of practical strategies to the table, making this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to foster a harmonious work environment.

In this insightful discussion, Dr. Mark Costes engages with Carol Bowser, delving into the heart of workplace conflicts and the methodologies of resolving them, particularly when parties harbor diverging viewpoints on justice or fairness within the organization. They explore the proactive measures that can be put in place to prevent conflicts, especially in environments with large employee groups. The discussion furthers into strategies for rapid resolution when disputes inevitably occur, aiming to foster a harmonious workplace environment. A notable point of discussion is the threshold at which mediated disputes escalate to legal cases, and what preventative steps could be taken to avert such escalation. This conversation is especially pertinent to dental office employers as they navigate through performance or cultural issues with employees belonging to protected categories. Carol provides valuable guidance on ensuring that any reprimanding or termination actions taken are within legal and ethical standards, reflecting her extensive experience in employment law and conflict management. This episode is a reservoir of knowledge for employers seeking to enhance their conflict resolution aptitudes while adhering to legal frameworks, ensuring a conducive and respectful work environment for all.

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