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1811: Navigating Team Dynamics

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On today’s episode, we are joined by the insightful Sydney Robinson, the Executive Director of Operations for DSN (Dental Success Network). In our recurring themed discussions, Sydney brings to the table the trending concerns and inquiries swirling within the DSN community, presenting them to our host, Dr. Mark Costes, for his seasoned take and guidance. Today’s questions revolve around internal team realignment and the hurdles of hiring in the contemporary dental practice landscape.

The first query Sydney presents stems from a practice owner grappling with the evolving professional inclinations of a trusted office manager. This dedicated individual, initially thriving in their role, now finds the human relations aspect taxing, albeit still shining in other administrative domains. Dr. Costes delves into the nuances of recognizing and realigning the strengths of office personnel to ensure retention, job satisfaction, and operational efficiency. The conversation sheds light on how tweaking roles can foster a more harmonious and productive work environment, all while keeping valued staff within the practice’s fold.

Transitioning into the next concern, the spotlight shifts to the common challenges dentistry practice owners face in today’s hiring market—more specifically, the ordeal of recruiting and onboarding associates who not only mesh well with the established culture but are also keen on sharing the managerial responsibilities. Dr. Costes and Sydney explore the strategies to identify, entice, and integrate associates who are aligned with the practice’s ethos and long-term vision. The discussion provides a roadmap on how to approach the hiring process strategically to build a cohesive and committed team, imperative for the sustained growth and harmony of the practice.

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