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1808: Elevating Patient Interactions

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On today’s episode, we have the pleasure of hosting David Lord, the EVP and General Manager of Nexa & Strike Healthcare. David has played a pivotal role in steering Nexa towards new horizons by broadening services and enhancing patient as well as client experiences since his onboard in 2022. Residing in the beautiful Park City, UT with his family, David is a fervent lover of the great outdoors.

In this interview with David Lord, we delved into the rich history of Nexa, exploring its evolution and how it has grown to become a significant player in the healthcare sector. David shared insights about Nexa’s geographical footprint and company size, shedding light on where Nexa operates and the extent of its reach. A fascinating part of our conversation revolved around what the customer experience is like when a patient calls into a dentistry and connects with Nexa instead; illustrating the seamless integration and the professional handling that eases patient interactions. David unveiled what sets Nexa apart from other competing entities, highlighting their top-notch process that ensures unparalleled service quality. We also had a chance to dive into the marketing philosophy of Nexa, showcasing how their unique approach in marketing has been instrumental in creating a strong and reputable brand.

To learn more about how Nexa & Strike Healthcare is revolutionizing patient and client experiences in the healthcare sector, be sure to check them out at