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1807: The Inward Journey

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On today’s episode, we explore the world of dentistry and entrepreneurship with Dr. Jack Bayramyan. As the co-founder of Optimize Practice Services, Dr. Jack stands at the forefront of a new wave of dental support organizations. He fervently believes in crafting a strategic blueprint for growth, ensuring that dental professionals aren’t merely reacting to circumstances but are proactively setting the stage for future successes, reduced stress, and optimized financial outcomes.

For many fee-for-service business proprietors, the idea of amplifying their business to churn out millions annually, and then positioning it for a sale worth many times more, seems more fantasy than fact. But for Dr. Jack, this wasn’t just a fleeting aspiration. It was this very vision that fueled his journey from a hands-on dentist to a formidable leader and investor in his practice. And he didn’t stop there. He expanded and scaled his dental practice, pushing boundaries and shattering his own expectations.

During our deep dive with Dr. Jack, we discussed:

  • Strategies to consistently access capital for growing one’s practice.
  • The intrinsic motivation that prevents retirement and drives continuous growth and passion.
  • A peek into Dr. Jack’s inspiring book “Extraction,” where he unveils his personal journey, detailing the transition from hands-on dentistry to exponential growth. He generously shares a formula that any small business owner can adopt to actualize their expansion dreams.

To gain insights or to get in touch with Dr. Jack Bayramyan and learn about the incredible work he’s been doing, visit