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1804: BoomCloud & Bootstrapping Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we delve into the innovative world of BoomCloud, a transformative dental software company. Join us as we explore the dynamic perspectives of Jordon Comstock, the CEO of BoomCloud, and Dustin Kenyon, the Chief Revenue Officer of BoomCloud.

Jordon Comstock’s journey began as a dental lab technician, eventually propelling him to manage Salt Lake Dental Lab for seven fruitful years. His mastery in managing business operations, establishing sales and marketing departments from scratch, and crafting robust financial systems led him to his passion for UX design, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and growth entrepreneurship in the SaaS and sales sector. As the visionary behind BoomCloud, Jordon’s platform empowers dental practices to create in-house membership programs, fostering independence from dental insurance while augmenting patient retention and case acceptance.

Dustin Kenyon brings nearly two decades of expertise as a Sales and Ops Executive. His extensive achievements include successful SaaS company exits, founding “Kaptain” – a Start-Up Consulting Agency for Tech Founders, and co-founding “BootStrapped” – a Founders Financial Education Roundtable. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dustin’s passions encompass family travel and a love for tech start-ups and creative pursuits like music, writing, composing, drawing, and painting.

In Part 1 of this insightful interview, we dive into BoomCloud’s essence and the beneficiaries of its innovative offerings. Jordon and Dustin share their inspiring journeys, reflecting on Bootstrap/Kaptain sessions and the power of community interactions. Discover the scaling philosophy akin to conquering Mount Everest, where goals become checkpoints measured against key performance indicators (KPIs).

For a deeper dive into the groundbreaking work of BoomCloud and their impact on the dental landscape, connect with them at Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow, where we’ll continue this conversation with Jordon Comstock and Dustin Kenyon.