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1803: Can a Dental Practice Philosophy Save Lives?

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On today’s episode, we have the pleasure of delving into the world of dentistry with a twist. We’re joined by Dr. Jill Wade, a dentist who not only excels in her profession but also views it through a unique lens, integrating a deep understanding of overall health with dental care.

Dr. Jill Wade is not your average dentist. She stands out with her innovative approach, centering her practices around prevention, always aiming to lead and push the boundaries of conventional dentistry. At the heart of her mission is an insatiable passion for educating others. She firmly believes, and rightly so, that optimal oral health plays an indispensable role in our overall health and wellness. It’s not just about having a beautiful smile; it’s about understanding what that smile tells us about our body’s health. This perspective has led to the inception of the “Smile with Heart” program. Pioneering in its approach, this program stands as the first to co-manage patients by collaborating with other health professionals, employing diagnostics and blood work. Through this holistic view, Dr. Wade and her team aim to uncover the often subtle, yet crucial connections between the mouth and overall health. By identifying these nuances, they can pinpoint the root causes of inflammation, providing a fuller picture of a patient’s health.

Our conversation starts by exploring Dr. Wade’s background, leading us through the pivotal moments and experiences that shaped her current practice. We delve into the influences and inspirations that directed Jill towards this unique path. Who were the key players, and what moments stoked her interest in the oral-systemic connection? It’s a fascinating journey that highlights the confluence of personal experiences and professional insights.

From understanding the origin, we transition into discussing how Dr. Wade integrated this philosophy into her practice. Implementing change is never easy, so how did she ensure that her team was on board? And once the team was aligned, how did she get her associates to not only understand but also passionately advocate for this approach?

Navigating through the conversation, we uncover the nuts and bolts of Dr. Wade’s practices. She delves into the specifics of the protocols they follow, the testing they utilize, and how they go about educating their patients. But the journey doesn’t end with diagnosis. Once the lab results and radiologist reports are in, what’s next? Dr. Wade provides a glimpse into the diverse treatment protocols employed in her office, tailoring each approach to the diagnosis at hand.

This episode offers an enlightening perspective on dentistry, breaking the boundaries of what we traditionally expect. Dr. Jill Wade exemplifies how the world of dental care is evolving, urging us to see our oral health as a vital component of our overall well-being.

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