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1802: Pioneering Digital Innovation

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On today’s episode, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Rania Saleh, a trailblazing entrepreneur in the field of dentistry and the co-founder of Oryx Dental, a prominent cloud-based dental management software company. Dr. Saleh’s remarkable journey from a Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 2003 to the forefront of dental software innovation showcases her unwavering dedication and fusion of creativity and science.

Dr. Rania Saleh’s story is one of transformation and innovation. With a foundation in dental education and practice, she furthered her expertise through advanced training at McGill University and the prestigious Kois Institute. However, her journey began with aspirations of becoming an architect. Hailing from war-torn Lebanon, she navigated a path that led her from architectural dreams to becoming a successful dentist and ultimately to the realm of software development.

Our conversation with Dr. Saleh centers around her groundbreaking venture, Oryx Dental. She takes us through the intriguing origins of Oryx Dental and how it evolved into a leading cloud-based dental management software company. We delve into the significance of surveys and case acceptance in the realm of dentistry, discussing how they contribute to enhancing patient care and overall practice efficiency.

One of the highlights of our conversation is Dr. Saleh’s exploration of what sets Oryx Dental apart. With an emphasis on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Oryx Dental introduces innovation that streamlines processes, elevates patient experiences, and empowers dental practices to thrive in a technologically advanced landscape.

Switching practice management software is a significant decision for any dental practice, and Dr. Saleh provides insights into the training and transition process for dental practice teams considering Oryx Dental. She sheds light on the seamless integration and the comprehensive support provided to ensure a smooth transition and optimized utilization of the software’s capabilities.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a software CEO looks like? Dr. Saleh provides a fascinating glimpse into the responsibilities and dynamics of her role, offering a perspective that bridges the world of dentistry and cutting-edge technology.

Our conversation culminates with a deep dive into the customer experience with Oryx Dental. Dr. Saleh shares how patient care remains at the core of Oryx Dental’s mission, and the software’s impact on patient satisfaction and practice success.

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