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1792: Scaling a Multimillion Dollar Business

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes engages in a captivating dialogue with the remarkable Stacy Tuschl, a trailblazer who embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 18. Starting with a business in her parents’ backyard, Stacy transformed it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise that continues to flourish under her leadership.

A bestselling author and founder of Well Oiled Operations, Stacy is dedicated to helping small business owners globally by establishing systems that foster growth through team accountability. Her expertise addresses the common challenge of CEOs becoming bottlenecks to business expansion due to time and energy limitations. Stacy’s Well Oiled Operations podcast, with over 2.5 million downloads, features enlightening conversations with influential figures like Suze Orman.

Delve into the interview to explore Stacy’s evolution from her initial dance studio business to her current ventures. Discover her insights into project management software and how it aids delegation and prioritization. The transition from management to leadership is a key discussion, shedding light on the strategic shift that drives successful businesses.

Stacy’s recommendation of impactful books, including “Profit First” and “The One Thing,” adds a valuable dimension to the conversation. Unveil Stacy’s approach to addressing challenges by pinpointing the problem and then seeking knowledge to overcome it.

The dialogue expands to encompass recruitment strategies and the art of retaining employees. Tune in to glean insights from a seasoned entrepreneur who was recognized as the 2019 Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year by the United States Small Business Administration.

For further exploration of Stacy Tuschl’s wisdom and expertise, delve into the Well Oiled Operations podcast and connect with her on Instagram @StacyTuschl. If you’re seeking guidance on streamlining your business operations and unlocking growth potential, Stacy’s insights are a goldmine of knowledge.