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1789: Milestones to Becoming a Super GP

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Welcome to a special Saturday edition of the Dentalpreneur Podcast! In this episode, we dive into the captivating realm of surgical dentistry with the insightful duo of Dr. Daniel Briskie and Dr. Taher Dhoon.

Dr. Taher Dhoon, a true Master of Dental Implants, has harnessed the transformative power of dental implants to change lives. His expertise in implant solutions is sought after by fellow dentists aiming to attain similar levels of success. Dr. Dhoon wears many hats as a Surgical Instructor at the Colorado Surgical Institute, a Blackbelt Coach with the Mark Costes’ Dental Success Institute, a Surgical/Digital Faculty member with the Dental Success Network, and an accomplished author and coach of The Practice Launchpad. His consulting work empowers dentists nationwide to create dream businesses, from efficient overhead management to profitable growth strategies through specialized procedures.

Dr. Daniel Briskie, hailing from a lineage of dentists, is an embodiment of surgical mastery. Growing up in the dental profession, he honed his surgical skills after graduating from dental school at Detroit Mercy and completing a General Practice Residency at Denver Health Hospital. Dr. Briskie’s commitment to excellence shines through in his proficiency across diverse surgical realms, including Full Arch surgical implants, PRF/PRP techniques, sedation methods, bone grafting, and advanced prosthetics. His surgical prowess is mirrored by his role as a Surgical Instructor with the Colorado Surgical Institute and a faculty member of Mark Costes’ Dental Success Institute.

In this episode, we embark on a journey of insight and exploration, centered around the theme of “Surgical Saturdays.” Dr. Briskie and Dr. Dhoon engage in a compelling dialogue that delves into their evolution from general dentists to surgical specialists. We explore the value of continuing education, pushing professional boundaries, and reaching a point of comfort in doing so. The concept of the super GP comes to life as they share their journey, experiences, and the investment—both in time and money—needed to achieve surgical proficiency.