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1784: Scaling a True Bootsrap

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes engages in an insightful conversation with Saba Arif, a trailblazer with a unique journey into the world of dentistry. Saba is not only the CEO and Founder of Smart Dental Compliance, but she’s also a visionary entrepreneur who’s making waves in the industry.

The discussion delves into Saba’s remarkable path to dentistry and her role at Smart Dental Compliance. This dynamic company offers a comprehensive solution for Dental Compliance, encompassing strategies to elevate business turnover, accredited staff training, and recruitment services. Whether you’re an established practice or embarking on a new venture, Smart Dental Compliance is there to enhance your business and ensure outstanding customer service.

Saba shares the spark that ignited her entrepreneurial spirit and led to the creation of Smart Dental Compliance. The conversation touches on the concept of compliance within the company and its significance. With a focus on Saba’s role as the CEO and Founder, the dialogue explores the challenges she faced during the startup phase, with a spotlight on the recruitment aspect.

Through the exchange, listeners gain insights into Saba’s evolution as a leader and the long-term vision she holds for her business. Tune in for an illuminating discussion that showcases the dedication, innovation, and success that define Saba Arif’s journey with Smart Dental Compliance.

To explore more about Smart Dental Compliance, visit their website and discover the innovative solutions they offer to enhance dental practices and ensure compliance.