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1780: Advanced Dental Communication

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes engages in a conversation with the accomplished Dr. Chris Bowman, a distinguished dentist, speaker, and author based in Charlotte. Dr. Bowman is the founder of Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, a practice that has earned him a position in the top echelons of dentists nationwide, ranking among the top 5-10% in the field.

Dr. Bowman’s expertise spans across various domains including cosmetic dentistry, adult orthodontics, gum rejuvenation, sleep apnea treatment, and sedation dentistry. His commitment to advancing the dental profession led him to establish Dental Insiders in 2005. This platform offers coaching and training to dental professionals and teams, with a global reach spanning over 3100 professionals.

During the conversation, the spotlight turns to Dr. Bowman’s remarkable course, the “Get More YES’s” Advanced Dental Communications course. Listeners gain insights into the comprehensive coverage of the course material and its potential impact. Dr. Bowman shares how the strategies and techniques from the course can be practically implemented to transform dental practices.

As a Clinical Instructor for Six Month Smiles, Dr. Bowman’s influence extends into the realm of education. His speaking engagements at prestigious dental events like Yankee Dental Congress and Excellence in Dentistry’s “Spring Break” Seminar highlight his prominence in the field. His contributions to leading dental publications and forums showcase his dedication to sharing valuable insights and knowledge.

Tune in to this engaging episode to learn from Dr. Chris Bowman’s wealth of experience and discover how his courses can elevate dental communications and practice strategies.

To explore Dr. Chris Bowman’s “Get More YES’s” Advanced Dental Communications course and other valuable offerings, visit his website to unlock a world of impactful insights and transformational learning.