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1776: Technology Meets Patient Financing

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On today’s episode, join us for a conversation that delves into the world of patient care and treatment financing as Dr. Mark Costes sits down with Marla Merritt, the VP of Strategic Partnerships for OrthoFi/AcceptCare. Marla brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been a key player in the dental industry.

Discover Marla Merritt’s impressive journey and current role as the VP of Strategic Partnerships for OrthoFi, where she orchestrates strategic affiliations to fuel company growth. Her expertise and insights have led her to become an integral part of OrthoFi’s Executive Leadership Team since 2020.

Marla sheds light on AcceptCare, a revolutionary patient-centric approach to treatment financing. Learn about Patient Choice, where treatment plans and payment options are presented together, empowering patients to make informed decisions. Uncover the innovation of Multi-lender, One Device – an industry first that offers loan options for patients with varying credit scores, all on a single platform.

Explore the power of Actionable Reminders, a tool designed to enable patients to review, apply, and approve treatment loans remotely. Marla’s insights reveal that 32% of patients approve treatment up to 30 days after their office visit through this method.

Additionally, dive into the realm of Robust Reporting, as AcceptCare seamlessly integrates with Practice Management Systems to provide comprehensive insights into diagnosed treatment stages. The automation of payment posting ensures accurate case acceptance metrics, a crucial aspect of tracking treatment acceptance rates. To revolutionize your patient care and enhance your practice’s treatment financing strategies, explore AcceptCare today.