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1771: Finding Your Misogi

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On today’s episode, join Dr. Mark Costes as he sits down with Dr. Mark Murdock, dentist and owner at Brigham City Smiles in Brigham City, Utah, to discuss their awe-inspiring journey after conquering the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Sharing their reflections on the trek, they delve into the surprises they encountered along the way and those that left them utterly amazed.

From the incredible resilience and dedication of the porters who carried their belongings to the varying climate changes they experienced during the trek, Dr. Murdock and Dr. Costes recount the unforgettable moments that shaped their expedition.

Summit night stands out as a pivotal moment, as they embarked on an unforgettable hike to the summit, starting at 11 pm. They discuss the preparations made prior to this challenging endeavor, highlighting the physical and mental readiness required for such a feat.

In their candid conversation, they also draw comparisons between the living conditions in Tanzania, Africa, and the United States, appreciating the fortune and opportunities that abound in the latter.

Together, they explore the concept of “Misogi,” a traditional Japanese Shinto practice of ritual purification, and how finding your own version of it can be a transformative experience.

Join in for this captivating conversation filled with insights, reflections, and valuable advice, as they share their closing thoughts on this remarkable journey of a lifetime.